Survey Contents

Sample Contents

A typical LEV record would include the following:

  • A1 Extraction Ltd, contact details.
  • Name &: address of Company responsible for the plant
  • Location of the LEV plant
  • Description of the LEV plant
  • Person responsible for LEV plant
  • Date of test, previous test and next test date.
  • Process/ substance controlled
  • Number of extract points to be used at one time
  • Examiner name and signature
  • Test equipment used and calibration date.
  • Fan details and rotation check.
  • Dust collector / filter details
  • Dust collector/ filter condition.
  • Dust collector cleaning mechanism description and condition
  • Filter differential pressure
  • Dust particulate reading where filtered air is returned to the workshop.
  • Explosion relief condition (if applicable)
  • Comments on system design and condition of hoods, ducting etc.
  • Airflows, duct velocities, duct sizes, air volumes and face velocities where required.
  • Test conditions, combinations of dampers open.
  • Assessment of system effectiveness.
  • Recommendations to improve performance if required.
  • Plant layout schematic showing test points.

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